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Neighbors helping neighbors

The Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department, or Albemarle County Station 8, is the brigade of 100+ volunteer firefighters that primarily serves the Route 29 corridor just north of Charlottesville.

The busiest fire station in the county, STVFD runs over 3000 emergency calls every year, including fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, and more.

STVFD is located on Berkmar Drive and operates three fire engines, a tower truck, a medical response car, and a brush truck. We are a hybrid department, Volunteers are on duty every night from 6PM to 6AM, as well as weekends and holidays. During the day, career staffing is provided by Albemarle County Fire Rescue.

Volunteers come from all walks of life. While not on duty, Station 8 firefighters are Mechanics, Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Programmers, Artists and Career Firefighters. A large contingent are students at UVA, studying for an undergrad or working on their PhD in physics to masters and doctoral degrees. All come together on their duty shifts to serve their community. Being a firefighter gives a sense of pride that YOU are doing something directly to give back to the community.

At STVFD, we’re dedicated to helping our neighbors. If there’s something we can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

E82 Snow Day fire

STVFD Battalion Chiefs

Dennis Hahn
Chief 80, Head of the Department
Greg McFadyen
Chief 81, Assistant Chief
Jeffery Bozzone
Chief 82, Membership
Robert Knight
Chief 83, Training
Alex Belgard
Chief 84, Medical
Chris Wiles
Chief 85, Fire Marshall

STVFD Line Officers

Todd Cosgrove
Sr. Captain
Henry Nixon
Lieutenant, A Crew
Milo Vivaldi
Lieutenant, B Crew
Tyler Cosgrove
Captain, C Crew
Jesse Cosgrove
Lieutenant, C Crew
Gary Vaclavicek
Lieutenant, D Crew
Trevor Varner
Captain, E Crew
Walker Smith
Lieutenant, F Crew
Chris Pitt
Captain, ACFR Day Crew

Become a Volunteer!

Join the Team

Being a firefighter gives a sense of pride that you are doing something directly to give back to the community.

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