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My Smoke Detectors are beeping/out of date or not working. How can I request new ones?

STVFD and Albemarle County Fire Rescue provide free smoke detector installation through grants from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs.  Click for more information. Request smoke detector installation by calling (434) 973-1717 or through the online form found here.

I'd Like to volunteer how do get started?

Plenty of information is provided on the Join Us page, but all that is needed is a willingness to help people and filling out the google form. Someone from the Membership committee will be in contact.

I would like to request a Fire Truck at my event.

Standby Requests are something we are more than happy to schedule. Standbys are always precluded by the on duty crew's availability and/or emergency calls. Please send an email to to request a standby.

Does STVFD take Fire only or EMS only members?

Yes to both questions! We want to encourage everyone who joins STVFD to learn and grow as a First Responder in whatever manner works for them. However as we are a fire station, we do not provide transport and are solely a EMS First Response Agency, and therefore are primarily focused on fire protection.

Car Seat Installation

Albemarle County Fire Rescue provides car seat installation service at fire stations on weekdays.  Click for more information. You can also call the station at 434-973-1717 to schedule an appointment and ask for more information.

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