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Your generous contributions allow us to continue serving the community

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

For over 45 years the Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department has provided professional Fire and Medical First Response service to our friends and neighbors. In 2022, we responded to your calls for help 3,166 times making us the busiest fire department in Albemarle County. During the last year alone our Volunteer Firefighters have contributed over 57,400 volunteer man-hours to you and the County of Albemarle. We saved Albemarle County $3.9 Million in salary alone (not including benefits, overtime, etc.) based on total volunteer hours run in the last year.


We rely on your generous donations to buy our equipment and cover our operating expenses. Please make a donation today and help us save a life, a home, or a business!

We accept your tax deductible donations made by credit card, debit card, and PayPal by clicking the Donate button Above:

Donations made by check can be sent to:

Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Dept.

P.O. Box 7002

Charlottesville, VA 22906

Donation Questions

If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact us via email at:

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